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1 J7-1 Necrophilic animals associated with the decomposition of the corpse in the littoral zone of Karelia freshwater

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2 J7-2

Material properties of chitosan from shells of Egeria radiata: Drug delivery considerations

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3 J7-3

Temporal variation in chemical composition of Dictyota dichotoma (Hudson) J.V. Lamouroux (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) from Red Sea Coast, Egypt

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4 J7-4 Effect of ethanolic extract of Pericampylus glaucus (Lam) Merr on biochemical parameters in high fats diets (HFD) Sprague-Dawley rats

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5 J7-5 Thermotolerant Coliform Counts and Nutrient Levels as Indicators of Water Quality in Submediterranean Karst River

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6 J7-6 Assessment of the Invasive Alien Plant Species Lantana camara in Nile River Millennium Park, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia 1.09   1.10    
7 J7-7 Evaluation of antistress potential of standardized Epipremnum aureum leaf extract against exteroceptice stress model

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8 J7-8 Closing the distribution gap of Lobotes surinamensis in the Aegean Sea by citizen science

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9 J7-9 Tobacco Plant: A Possible Key To Ebola Vaccine

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10 J7-10

In vitro antioxidant and anticholinesterase inhibitory activities of Uvaria littoralis Blume.: Amazing phytomedicine for controlling Alzheimer’s Pathogenesis

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11 J7-11

The incidence rate of Hepatitis C and B, patients MURCY Hospital Peshawar,KP,Pakistan.

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12 J7-12

Antibacterial and Cytotoxic activities of Ethanol extract and its different fractions of Anogeissus acuminata (Roxb.) Wall. ex Bedd. leaves.

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13 J7-13 Extraction and characterization of collagen from marine eel Thyrsoidea macrura

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14 J7-14 Fertility effect of Curcumin, a kitchen spice, on male reproductive function in Wistar rat

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15 J7-15

Antidiarrheal potential of Adenanthera pavonina Linn. seed aqueous extract in experimental animals

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16 J7-16 Evaluation of gamma interferon assay for detection of bovine tuberculosis in inactive foot and mouth disease vaccine administered cattle

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17 J7-17 Coupling of phytoplankton community structure to nutrients, ciliate and zooplankton around the Kneiss Islands (Golfe de Gabes, Central Mediterranean Sea)

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18 J7-18

Phenolic composition and antioxidant properties of Eryngium maritimum (sea holly)

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19 J7-19 Artificial neural networks approach in length-weight relation of crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus Eschscholtz, 1823) in Eğirdir Lake, Isparta, Turkey

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20 J7-21

Magnetic microspheres: A novel targeting delivery system

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21 J7-22 Importance of the genetic lineage in mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates

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22 J7-23

Practices of liposomal drug delivery system in pharmaceutical sciences: A literature based review

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23 J7-24

Mosquito larvivorous potentiality of Oreochromis niloticus (Perciformes: Cichlidae) and Lepidocephalichthys guntea (Cypriniformes: Cobitidae) in laboratory bioassay

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24 J7-25 Time and dose-dependent adverse effects of four medicinal plants on male reproductive system

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25 J7-26

Impact of Invasive Alien Plant Species, Xanthium strumarium, in Borena Zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia

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26 J7-20

Phytochemical and mosquitocidal activity of Pongamia pinnata leaf extracts against Anopheles stephensi (L.), Aedes aegypti (Linn.), Culex quinquefasciatus (Say) (Diptera: Culicidae)

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27 J7-27

Impact of Invasive Alien Plant, Xanthium strumarium, on species richness, diversity and composition of invaded communities in Borena Zone, Oromia regional State, Ethiopia

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28 J7-28

In vivo evaluation of anti-hyperglycemic, anti-hyperlipidemic and anti-oxidant status of liver and kidney of thymol in STZ-induced diabetic rats

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29 J7-29 Phytoconstituents and anti-inflammatory effect of n-hexane and methanol extracts of Cymbopogon citratus leaves on cotton pellets-induced granuloma in rats

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30 J7-30

Ecological Health Assessment of the Shatt Al-Arab River, Iraq

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31 J7-31 Correlation Study of some Physico-Chemical Parameters and Benthic Macroinvertebretes Metrics on the ecological Impacts of Floriculture Industries along Wedecha River, Debrezeit, Ethiopia*

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32 J7-32 The role of probiotics in the control of bacterial diseases and biodegradation of organic matter in shrimp ( Penaeus vannamei ) culture ponds of South India 2.24   2.25    
33 J7-33 Prescribing trends of antidiabetic drugs in diabetic and hypertensive diabetic patients in an urban tertiary care hospital of Bangladesh

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34 J7-34 Concurrent analysis of two cytotoxic diterpenes in the bio-active chloroform extract of Plectranthus barbatus by applying validated HPTLC method

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35 J7-35

Characterization and screening of in vitro antimalarial and larvicidal activities of selected seaweeds from southeast coast of India against Plasmodium falciparum and Anopheles stephensi

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36 J7-36 Conservation Status of Cornus macrophylla: An Important Medicinal plant from Himalaya

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37 J7-37 Evaluation of two methods in isolation of Nocardia species from soil

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38 J7-38 Potent antidiabetic activity of aqueous extract of brown seaweed Padina boergesenii in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

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39 J7-39

In silico validation of anti-diabetic properties of Aegle marmelos

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40 J7-40 Current Status of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal: An Endangered Medicinal Plant from Himalaya

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41 J7-41 Protein quality, mineral bioavailability and mineral safety index of Jatropha curcas leaf

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42 J7-42

The toxicity effect of monocrotophos 36% E.C on THEs biochemical changes Catla catla (HAMILTON, 1882)

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43 J7-43 Hospital-Based Preliminary Assessment of Rotavirus Infection in Children with Gastroenteritis in Ogun State, Nigeria

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44 J7-44

In vitro anti-collagenase activity of Sri Lankan low grown orthodox Orange Pekoe grade black tea (Camellia sinensis L.)

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45 J7-45 Acute toxicity of Glyphosate on chances of survival common Carp (Cyprinid carpio)

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46 J7-46 Microbact TM 24E System Identification and antimicrobial sensitivity pattern of bacterial flora from raw milk of apparently healthy lactating cows in Gwagwalada, Nigeria.

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47 J7-47 Epidemiological study of scorpion sting in Ardabil province, Northwestern
Iran, during 2010 -2015

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48 J7-48

Unusual presence of Coryphaena hippurus Linnaeus, 1758 (Perciformes: Coryphaenidae) under an offshore oil platform in Southern Brazil.

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49 J7-49

Therapeutic potential of selected potent plants of Himalayan region

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50 J7-50 Antimicrobial activity of Tunisian Euphorbia paralias L.  

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51 J7-51

Antioxidant activity, total phenolic and flavonoid content of selected medicinal plants from Manasalu conservation area, Gorkha district, Nepal

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52 J7-52

Evaluation of Metallothionein Content in Giant Mudskipper Periophthalmodon SchlosseriCollected from West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia to Assess Environmental Metal Pollution

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53 J7-53 Antibacterial and Antioxidant Properties of Some Selected Egyptian Plants

3.21   3.22    
54 J7-54 In vitro Evaluation of Cytotoxicity and HPLC Profiles of Phenolic Compounds Present in some selected Egyptian Plants

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55 J7-55

Study on Immunostimulatory property of few seaweeds injected intra peritoneally

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56 J7-56

Assessment of heavy metals concentration in Holothurians, sediments and water samples from coastal areas of Pakistan (northern Arabian Sea)

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57 J7-57 Evaluation of the hepatoprotective potential of ethanolic exract of Acanthophora spicifera in wistar rats

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58 J7-58 Biological activities of isolated compounds from Syzygium cumini (L.) (Myrtaceae) root

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59 J7-59

     Physicochemical and nutritional properties of Sri Lankan traditional rice

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60 J7-60

Endemic Disease Impact on effective Antibacterial Activity of Traditional Medicinal of Coastal areas of Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, India

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Protective Effect of Juice Extract of Mesocarp Rind of Citrullus lanatus in Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Oxidative Stress in Rats

4.14   4.15    


Early weaning of yellowtail amberjack Seriola lalandidorsalis (Gill 1863) larvae

4.14   4.15    


The incidence rate of Hepatitis C and B, patients MURCY Hospital Peshawar

4.14   4.15    


Molecular typing of waterborne E. coli strains using REP-PCR

4.14   4.15  


Phytochemical screening, antibacterial activity and anthelmintic activities of leaf and seed extracts of Coix lacryma-jobi L

4.14   4.15    


Antioxidant and anti α–glucosidase of luteolin and luteolin 7-O-glucoside isolated from Scabiosa arenaria Forssk

4.14   4.15    


Evaluation of antibacterial effect of Cyperus species on typical food-borne pathogens

4.14   4.15    


Antioxidant activity, volatile and nonvolatile composition of two Phoenix dactylifera L. by-products

4.14   4.15    


Seasonal and spatial variations of Dinoflagellates in relation to environmental factors along the north and south coasts of Sfax (Tunisia, Eastern Mediterranean Sea) 4.14   4.15    


The toxicity effect of monocrotophos 36% E.c on the biochemical change in Catla catla (Hamilton, 1882)

4.14   4.15    


Screening of phytochemicals and antibacterial activity of marine red alga Portieria hornemannii (Lyngbye) P.C.SILVA

4.18   4.19    


Gastrointestinal helminth parasites of ruminants slaughtered in Shendi abattoir, River Nile State, Sudan

4.18   4.19