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A10: Main page

External work which could impact on your duties for BBSRC

Page contents:

Action required of employees
Register of Outside Interests
Policy on spin-out companies
Code on gifts and material hospitality
Additional rules for particular activities

1. Introduction

In addition to providing regular and reliable attendance, you must not undertake any external work that would result in you neglecting your contractual duties for BBSRC and prevent you from:-

  • working reasonable overtime
  • attending outside normal working hours, where necessary
  • being on call, where necessary
  • having necessary rest and recuperation

You and your line manager must also comply with the requirements of the Working Time Regulations 1998 paragraph 1, appendix A9:3, Working time.

You must know and abide by any establishment or site regulations that specify particular external activities as incompatible with your official duties.

For work directly related to your role within BBSRC, the Director will decide whether, and on what basis, an external activity may be undertaken and may consider whether the establishment should assume responsibility for the activity at any stage prior to its completion. The Director will take into consideration the potential scientific and financial advantages of the work being done by the establishment corporately, rather than by an individual. You may not appeal against a decision by the Director but you may be entitled to a compensation payment.

2. Action required of employees

You must obtain written approval from your Director to undertake any external activity which:-

  • is related in any way to the work carried out by the establishment or involves the use of official resources. This includes information and/or data to which you have privileged access, special experience and/or knowledge gained in the course of your work and/or
  • is paid or unpaid (including consultancies and other contracts for personal services, commercial organisations, board membership of any company, share ownership in a spin-out company involving the establishment)

Such approval must be obtained for any external work, whether or not you will undertake it during normal working hours. This includes activities which you wish to undertake during annual leave, bearing in mind that annual leave is intended to provide an opportunity for rest and recuperation. It is your responsibility to seek written approval; failure to seek approval may result in disciplinary action being taken against you.

You must record all approved external activities in the establishment’s Register of Outside Interests.

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3. Register of Outside Interests

Section A12b sets out the general principles of conduct for employees.  We require you to record in the Register of Outside Interests any external activities and/or interests which may in any way conflict with the interests of the establishment or BBSRC or which:

  • relate to the work of the establishment or the BBSRC and
  • involves commercial organisations and
  • involves a potential or actual conflict of interest between your responsibility to the establishment and the public investment in its work, and the actual or potential financial or other benefits to you

You must immediately notify the Director of equivalent of any changes in your external activities and/or interests and modify your entry in the Register.

You do not require the written approval of the Director for the following activities but you must inform the Director as soon as possible of the details and you must record them immediately in the establishment's Register of Outside Interests:

  1. Shareholdings and share options worth more than £5,000 in companies with which the establishment has a commercial or scientific relationship and which could reasonably be perceived as creating a conflict of interest with the work of establishment
  2. Investments and benefits derived from previous employment which could reasonably be perceived as creating a conflict of interests in current employment.

You must notify any changes immediately to the Director and modify your entry in the Register accordingly.

The provisions do not relate to the formation of ‘spin-out’ companies involving the establishment’s intellectual property. Appendix A7.15 and appendix A10.1 regulates investment by employees in such companies.

4. Spin-out companies

The exploitation of intellectual property generated by BBSRC establishments may be achieved through the formation of separate limited liability companies (commonly referred to as spin-out companies), supported by non-charitable financial resources from the private sector and/or public sector resources geared to the generation of new business. See appendix A10.1.

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5. Code on gifts and material hospitality

If you give or receive any gifts or material hospitality worth more than £10 you must (a) notify the Council Secretariat (BBSRC office employees) or designated person, and (b) enter the details in a Register maintained for that purpose.

Gifts may have to be surrendered. See appendix 10.2, appendix A10.6 and appendix A10.2i for further details.

6. Additional rules for particular activities

The following set out the rules relating to specific external activities, some of which may also form part of official duties:

6.1 Personal consultancies or other work – see appendix A10.3

6.2 Writing of books, articles, editing, etc – see appendix A10.4

6.3 Broadcasts and speeches – see appendix A10.5

6.4 Lecturing and demonstrating – see appendix A10.6

6.5 Service on external committees – see appendix A10.7

6.6 Duties undertaken on behalf of overseas organisations, etc – see appendix A10.8.

6.7 Trade union activities – see appendix A4.1 and appendix A10.9.

6.8 Political activities – see appendix A10.10

6.9 Employees giving expert advice or acting as expert witnesses – see appendix A10.11

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