Effectiveness of Basic Surgical Skill Development Program among Interns at Tertiary Care Centre

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Introduction:  An intern is emerging practitioners, who completed their medical course and have to be trained during their internship postings. It is a major step for every compulsory rotating medical intern to ensure the safety of each and every patient and to acquire surgical skills, knowledge and fundamental tasks. The benefits of simulation-based training include learning how to communicate and make decisions as well as understanding the repercussions of such actions in a real-world setting.
Aim: This study was done to assess the effectiveness of basic surgical skill development among interns at tertiary care centre
Material and Methods: A cross sectional observation study was conducted among interns in general surgery department for the academic year 2021-2022 (April to March). A total of 100 trainees participated in this study and were evaluated based on printed questionnaire in  eleven domines of DOPS form consisting of Understanding of Indications, Obtaining informed consent, Appropriate preparation, Technical Ability, Awareness of complications, Post Procedure management, Communication skills, Professionalism, Overall ability, Overall clinical competence, and Performing procedures. Surgery faculties and postgraduates assessed the effectiveness of the program using DOPS form (direct observation of procedural skill) by mentioning it as satisfactory or not satisfactory based on understanding of their surgical skills and their performance with the mannequins. A p value of <0.05 was considered significant and all the analysis were done using SPSS 24.
Results:  Comparison of various domines of DOPS on surgical skill among trainees revealed that there was signicant difference (p<0.001) observed before and after the skill lab using paired t test.

Conclusion: The sole domain of surgical department was building technical skills among medical students and this can be initiated with the surgical skill development program.

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