Assessment of Awareness and Practice Regarding Green Dentistry Among Dental Students and Professionals in North Gujarat

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Braina P. Jadav
Dhaval N. Mehta
Ankur SIngh
Divyesh Parmar
Parth Mandviya
Vallabha Thakkar
Ekta Patel


Aim: The aim of the present study was to assess the awareness and practice of green dentistry among dental students and dental professionals in North Gujarat. Material and method: This questionnaire based study was carried out by creating 22 self structured questions using Google forms in the North Gujarat and was distributed among 205 participants (dental students and dental professionals). The obtained data was tabulated and analyzed using SPSS Software. Results: Out of 205 participants, 78.4% postgraduates, 66.1% Graduates and 58.5% faculty/private practitioners were aware of the term green dentistry. Conclusion: It was concluded that the younger generation is more aware regarding the environmental friendly dental practice.

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Braina P. Jadav, Dhaval N. Mehta, Ankur SIngh, Divyesh Parmar, Parth Mandviya, Vallabha Thakkar, & Ekta Patel. (2023). Assessment of Awareness and Practice Regarding Green Dentistry Among Dental Students and Professionals in North Gujarat. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 501–508. Retrieved from


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