Awareness and Attitude of Using Magnification While Working on Pediatric Dental Patients by Post Graduates and Pedodontists of Ahmedabad City

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Makwani Disha A.
Patel Megha C.
Bhatt Rohan K
Patel Chhaya
Patel Foram


Introduction: Seeing is believing and if you can see it, you can do it. Magnification is now becoming an integral part of modern dentistry, but there is little concern regarding its implementation and use in pediatric dentistry.
Aim: To measure the awareness and attitude among pedodontists and post graduate (PG) students of pediatric dentistry towards using dental magnification.
Method: A closed ended questionnaire was designed to collect the information required and was handed out to pedodontists and post graduates in Ahmedabad city. It included 11 questions that will assess the knowledge and attitude regarding the use of dental magnification.
Result: Of 80% response rate, 64% PGs and 76.66% pedodontists preferred the use of magnification. 70% pedodontists used loupes among which 66.6% preferred for endodontic procedures. 90% PGs and 96% pedodontists stated that the quality of their work under magnification was improved. 60% PGs didn’t use any magnification due to insufficient training and opportunities to try and most of them experienced headache while working under magnification.

Conclusion: Reinforcement is needed for using dental magnification in pediatric dentistry through conducting more conferences and meetings regarding use of dental magnification.

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Makwani Disha A., Patel Megha C., Bhatt Rohan K, Patel Chhaya, & Patel Foram. (2023). Awareness and Attitude of Using Magnification While Working on Pediatric Dental Patients by Post Graduates and Pedodontists of Ahmedabad City. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 562–567. Retrieved from


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