Perceived Stress Among Doctors of a Tertiary Care Hospital: A Cross-sectional Study

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Parth Dharmesh Shah
Vaishal Dushyant Chokshi
Aalapi B Prajapati
Aatman N Parikh


There have been increasing reports of stress and stress related disorders such as anxiety and depression among medical students and medical professionals. Stress is a big part of doctors’ occupation and the most important reason for the same being the fact that it involves people and their lives. This study aims to find out more about the factors that may pre-dispose doctors towards increasing stress.
To assess perceived stress among resident doctors and faculty doctors of a tertiary care hospital by applying appropriate measures.
To find correlation between perceived stress and socio-demographic variables.
To assess a correlation between duration of working hours and perceived stress
A statistically significant correlation between perceived stress score and age as well as designation of participants was obtained

Stress management and work management skills should be incorporated into the medical profession while mitigating the stigma associated with seeking professional help for mental health issues. At the institute level, regular screening of doctors for burnout and other psychological issues should be done and workshops to manage stress, burnout and depression should be conducted on a regular basis.

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Parth Dharmesh Shah, Vaishal Dushyant Chokshi, Aalapi B Prajapati, & Aatman N Parikh. (2023). Perceived Stress Among Doctors of a Tertiary Care Hospital: A Cross-sectional Study. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 587–592. Retrieved from


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