Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Medical Students of Maharashtra towards Hepatitis B Infection and Vaccination.

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Bharti Bajaj
Chaitanya Morey
Aditi Pote
Swaraj Titarmare


Background: Hepatitis B is a significant global public health problem. Although India lies in the intermediate endemicity zone, Hepatitis B is still a major occupational hazard among HCWs, especially young medical students.
Aim: This study was aimed at assessing the knowledge, attitude and vaccination practice regarding hepatitis B among medical students of Maharashtra region, exploring the reasons for not getting vaccinated and increasing general awareness.
Materials and Methods: This is a descriptive cross sectional study. Participants were recruited from medical colleges of Maharashtra by convenience sampling technique. Data was collected using an online self-administered questionnaire.
Results: The study reveals that majority of the students have sufficiently good knowledge about the disease as well as its consequences. 87.2% considered themselves to be at risk for acquiring infection, however, 78% reported needle stick injuries if they occurred and only 59% were fully vaccinated. Lack of motivation and hesitancy regarding vaccine seemed to be the major barriers.

Conclusion: All medical students should be encouraged to be compliant with preventive practices and screened for antibody titres. We suggest setting up Hepatitis B awareness campaigns, targeted free vaccination drives, and following up with antibody tests.

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Bharti Bajaj, Chaitanya Morey, Aditi Pote, & Swaraj Titarmare. (2023). Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Medical Students of Maharashtra towards Hepatitis B Infection and Vaccination. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 593–602. Retrieved from


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