The Use of Ultrasonic Scaler Tip as A Non-Invasive Aid in Retrieving Fractured Implant Abutment Screw: A Clinical Case Report

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Preetika Bansal
Pardeep Bansal
Rithika Elsa George
Prabjeet Kaur
Kannupriya Aggarwal


Dental implants are increasingly being used to rehabilitate patients with prosthodontic treatment requirements. However, fracture of the implant abutment screw is one of the many complications associated with this treatment modality. Several techniques have been used to retrieve the fractured abutment when the fracture occurs within the body of the implant. But, most of these techniques are complicated or require additional expensive equipment. The novel technique used in the present clinical case report advocates the usage of an ultrasonic scaler tip to take out the fractured segment and is simple to perform and cost effective. Following the retrieval of the fractured segment, prosthodontic rehabilitation was carried out.

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Preetika Bansal, Pardeep Bansal, Rithika Elsa George, Prabjeet Kaur, & Kannupriya Aggarwal. (2023). The Use of Ultrasonic Scaler Tip as A Non-Invasive Aid in Retrieving Fractured Implant Abutment Screw: A Clinical Case Report. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 745–749. Retrieved from


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