Development and Evaluation of Herbal Nanogel for the Treatment of Oral Candidiasis

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Manisha Akotkhane
Sonali Mahaparale
Sushant Ahire
Rushikesh Kanade
Shweta Wanere
Tejas Dhanuka


The primary goal of the current study is to create Nanogel using Amaranthus viridis and Azadirachta indica extract nanoparticles. Because of its antibacterial qualities, Amaranthus viridis and Azadirachta indica extract was crucial in the creation of Nanogel for the topical distribution of the active ingredient. Nanoparticles are created with Amaranthus viridis and Azadirachta indica extract to increase medication penetration rates when administered topically and the formulation with the highest level of entrapment effectiveness is chosen to create Nanogel. In order to increase the effectiveness of the active ingredient's entrapment, Eudragit S100 is employed in the formulation of nanoparticles. The F5 formulation, which contains a higher concentration of Eudragit S100 and is transformed into gel by the gelling ingredient Carbopol 934, is chosen as the optimised formulation. There have been good outcomes observed in all of the evaluation trials for the gel.

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Akotkhane, M. ., Mahaparale, S. ., Ahire, S. ., Kanade, R. ., Wanere, S. ., & Dhanuka, T. . (2023). Development and Evaluation of Herbal Nanogel for the Treatment of Oral Candidiasis. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 813–838. Retrieved from


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