Formulation and Analysis of Anti-Hypertensive Immediate-Release Tablets

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Shubhrajit Mantry
Ganesh Dama
Tambe Dipali
Rasal Pratiksha
Sawant Punam
Sonawane Vaishnavi
Kiran Mahajan
Sahil Bashir Shaikh


Nebivolol hydrochloride is a highly selective beta-blocker that causes vasodilation. This study addresses the use of various superdisintegrants such as Crosspovidone and croscarmellose sodium. Compounding was done using the direct compression method. Superdisintegrants are used in immediate release tablet formulations to improve disintegration and dissolution and provide a more rapid onset of action. Drug-excipient interactions were studied by FT-IR. Manufactured tablets were tested for various parameters before and after compression. Bulk density, tamped density, weight change, thickness, brittleness, disintegration time, dissolution studies, etc. Finally, it was concluded that the F-2 formulation had the highest release potential. 

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Mantry, S. ., Dama, G. ., Dipali, T. ., Pratiksha, R. ., Punam, S. ., Vaishnavi, S. ., Mahajan, K. ., & Shaikh, S. B. . (2023). Formulation and Analysis of Anti-Hypertensive Immediate-Release Tablets. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 839 –. Retrieved from


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