Assessment of Hepatoprotective Potential of Ecbolium Linneanum Extract on Experimental Animals

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Papagatla Polireddy
Vedanshu Malviya
Swamita Arora
Mukul Singh
Giri pooja Tanaji
Lalchand D Devhare
Dipti Bipin Ruikar


The hepatoprotective potential of Ecbolium Linneanum extract was evaluated in experimental animals. Liver diseases pose a significant health burden worldwide, and the search for effective hepatoprotective agents is ongoing. In this study, we investigated the potential of Ecbolium Linneanum extract in protecting the liver against damage induced by various hepatotoxic agents.

Treatment with Ecbolium Linneanum extract resulted in a significant attenuation of liver damage induced by the hepatotoxic agents. Biochemical parameters such as serum levels of liver enzymes, bilirubin, and lipid peroxidation were restored to near-normal levels in the extract-treated groups compared to the control group. Histopathological examination of liver tissues further confirmed the protective effect of Ecbolium Linneanum extract, showing reduced hepatocellular necrosis, inflammation, and fatty infiltration. Furthermore, treatment with Ecbolium Linneanum extract improved liver function markers, including increased levels of antioxidant enzymes and enhanced hepatic glycogen content. The extract also exhibited significant anti-inflammatory activity, as evidenced by reduced levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the liver.

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Papagatla Polireddy, Vedanshu Malviya, Swamita Arora, Mukul Singh, Giri pooja Tanaji, Lalchand D Devhare, Dipti Bipin Ruikar, & G.Dharmamoorthy. (2023). Assessment of Hepatoprotective Potential of Ecbolium Linneanum Extract on Experimental Animals. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 884–890. Retrieved from


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