Segmental Mandibulectomy and Immediate Reconstruction with Rib Graftin Ameloblastoma: A Case Report

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Anil Managutti
Bansari Ajagia
Shailesh Menat
Ujjaval Bhavsar
Parth Suthar
Reema Oza


Introduction: An Ameloblastoma is one of the benign tumor that usually develops in the mandible bone. There are various treatment options, such as, Chemical cauterization, curettage, and liquid nitrogen are other options for treating this condition; however, enucleation and surgical cutting (resection) or dredging, remains the utmost effective method. Mandibular defect reconstruction options include free tissue transfer or non-vascularized bone graft following surgical excision.

Case Study: We present a case of Fifty-year-old male patient came with the chief complain of swelling & reduced mouth opening in the lower left jaw of the face. While on examination, the left mandibular body area displayed a diffuse, hard and tender swelling. Normal skin covered the swelling. There were bilateral fibrous bands, buccal vestibule obliteration, and mobility of 35-38 teeth. Plexiform Ameloblastoma was found in the biopsy. The tumor was removed and then rebuilt using a reconstruction plate and rib graft.

Discussion: When microvascular expertise is lacking, reconstruction using a bone graft that is not vascularized is the best option. In our case, a non-vascularized rib graft was used for reconstruction. In the one-year follow-up period, there were no problems and a favorable shape, symmetry, function, and aesthetic appearance.

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Anil Managutti, Bansari Ajagia, Shailesh Menat, Ujjaval Bhavsar, Parth Suthar, & Reema Oza. (2023). Segmental Mandibulectomy and Immediate Reconstruction with Rib Graftin Ameloblastoma: A Case Report. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 902–906. Retrieved from


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