Effectiveness of Interventional Package on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Menstrual Hygiene and Menstrual Health Among Adolescent Girls.

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Neha Singh
Viji Mol


Only women of reproductive age get periods, which begin at puberty, often between the ages of 10 and 14. Girls' ages at menarche are influenced by a number of factors, such as their environment, food, and level of intense activity. Acc to World Bank - around 500 million women worldwide are not able to menstruation product or proper menstrual hygiene management (MHM) facilities. The main goal of research to determine the effectiveness interventional package on knowledge and attitude related to menstrual hygiene and menstrual health. The research accomplished with pre-experimental (one group pre-test post-test design). This research was carried out at selected schools of Moradabad. 80 respondents were choosen as sample by simple random sampling technique with lottery method.According to the study findings, out of 80 adolescent girls in pre-test 90% had inadequate knowledge & 10% had moderate knowledge then after the intervention 70% had adequate knowledge and 30% had moderate knowledge. Score of 23.38 mean, was found more than the pretest 10.86 with‘t’ value 35.16. In level of attitude data analysis predicts among 80 respondents, in pre-test 86.2% were under unfavourable attitude and 13.8% favourable attitude then in post-test 100% had favourable attitude. The mean score 38.10 was found more than the pretest 22.47 with‘t’ value 36.39. Therefore, there is need to impart educate young females related to managing menses sanitation and avoiding various difficulties. The research outcomes suggested that interventional package was constructive & improving their awareness and attitude of adolescent girls.

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