Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding use of Braden Scale Among Staff Nurses Working in Different Hospitals of Moradabad, U.P.

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Rekha Pant
M. Jasline
Nafees Ahmed


Skin is the largest organ in our body .One-third of the blood that the body circulates passes through it. Skin often serves as an indicator of our general wellness; healthy skin makes you feel good and makes you look nice. Basic patient care also includes regular skin assessment in every shift and should be cross check by the team leader or supervisor in that particular ward or ICU. One of the most important aspects of nursing is to maintain the integrity of patient’s skin. Braden scale is a standard technique to assess the possibility of skin ulcers in patients at hospitals and nursing homes. The main objective of the research was to determine efficacy of structured teaching program on knowledge and attitude about use of braden scale within staff nurses working in different hospitals of Moradabad. Design of the study was pre-experimental (one group pre-test post-test design). This research was carried out at Teerthanker Mahaveer University Hospital of Moradabad. 80 staff nurses were used as sample, which was chosen using a convenience sampling method. According to the study findings, out of 80 samples, 49 (61.2%) of staff nurses  had inadequate knowledge, 25 (31.3%) were had moderate knowledge & 6 (7.5%) were had adequate knowledge with respect to pre-test attitude within staff nurses, among 80 samples, 53(66.3%) were having unfavourable attitude and 27(33.7%) were having favourable attitude. after structured teaching programme mean of post-test knowledge is (25.58), SD is (3.65) & mean pre-test level of knowledge is (14.13), standard deviation is (5.39)and with a mean difference of (11.45), with regard to assessment of attitude level the mean post-test attitude score is (43.48), standard deviation is (3.35) and mean pre-test level of attitude is (24.22), standard deviation is (6.15) and with a mean difference of (19.26), study concluded that structured educational program on knowledge & attitude about utilization  of braden scale within Staff nurses was effective.

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Rekha Pant, M. Jasline, & Nafees Ahmed. (2023). Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding use of Braden Scale Among Staff Nurses Working in Different Hospitals of Moradabad, U.P. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 1021–1032. Retrieved from https://www.jclmm.com/index.php/journal/article/view/1120


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