Development and Characterization of Some Novel Herbal Composition for Treating Diabetes Using Fenugreek and Cinnamon Extracts

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Mohd Ruman Khan
Kajal Khan
Pankaj Mohan Pimpalshende
Sachin Tyagi
Sayyed Mateen
Sakshi Aole
Gourishankar Birtia


Clinical exploration recommends that successive utilization of utilitarian food sources can assist with staying away from T2DM and its ramifications. This minimal expense technique for treating T2DM in emerging countries could be extremely useful. To look at the advantages of fenugreek and cinnamon on the treatment of recently analyzed instances of T2 DM, a randomized controlled try was directed. The India Organization of Clinical Sciences Medical clinic in Islamabad filled in as the wellspring of the subjects. Three periods of the review were directed: Stage I, gauge; Stage II, following 90 days; and Stage III, at the finish of the waste of time period. Times of the subjects, who were of the two genders, went from 40 to 65. 26 subjects made up each gathering. At benchmark, the finish of the second and third stages, and fasting insulin levels and lipid profiles were undeniably surveyed in the serum. All periods of the concentrate additionally included assessment of BMI, WC, and WHR. For the examination, SPSS (adaptation 22) was used. Around 60% of individuals use customary meds that are produced using medicinal plants.

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Mohd Ruman Khan, Kajal Khan, Pankaj Mohan Pimpalshende, Sachin Tyagi, Sayyed Mateen, P.Balaji, Sakshi Aole, & Gourishankar Birtia. (2023). Development and Characterization of Some Novel Herbal Composition for Treating Diabetes Using Fenugreek and Cinnamon Extracts. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 1246–1254. Retrieved from


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