Inventory of Medicinal Plants in Northern Samar

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Manuela Cecille G. Vicencio
Maria Judy M. Somoray


The traditional knowledge on medicinal plant is still popular in some communities since it is important in the development of drugs and plant-based medicine as it lays down the foundation of drug discovery. The present survey aims to make an inventory of plants and their medicinal uses by the many people of Northern Samar. Semi-structured interview with a set of pre-determined questions in the local communities of Northern Samar province revealed that there are 170+ plants that belong to 151 genera and 68 families to have medicinal value. Decoction is the major mode of preparation for the cure of rheumatism, cough, and stomach disorders such as diarrhea, ulcers, dysmenorrhea and related ailments. The leaves are predominantly used for the treatment of various ailments. This documentation of the claim medicinal plants will provide a catalog of useful plants of Northern Samar and will unlock opportunities for the discovery and development of new and less expensive plant-based medicines.

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Manuela Cecille G. Vicencio, & Maria Judy M. Somoray. (2023). Inventory of Medicinal Plants in Northern Samar. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 1405–1431. Retrieved from


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