Breast Tuberculosis not a Rare but Commonly Missed Disease

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Sompalli Sri Harshith
Jayamol Revendran
Jince Ann Jose
Pedada Mounika


INTRODUCTION: Tuberculosis of breast is rare extra pulmonary tuberculosis disease with incidence of less than 0.1% of breast diseases in developed countries, 3–4% in high incidence countries (India). Common in reproductive age, multiparous, lactating women. Less common in older age. Most commonly presents with Mass in middle or upper-outer quadrant of the breast. Breast Abscess and Carcinoma Breast are differential diagnosis since presents with varied clinical, radiological and pathological presentation.

CASE PRESENTATION: Case of tuberculosis of breast that was reported in the Surgery Department and misdiagnosed as beast abscess and treated at Department of Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases as Tuberculosis Breast at Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital.

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Sompalli Sri Harshith, Jayamol Revendran, Jince Ann Jose, Dhayalnithi, & Pedada Mounika. (2023). Breast Tuberculosis not a Rare but Commonly Missed Disease. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 1459–1463. Retrieved from


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