An Outlook for a Unique Strategy: Design and Expediting the Fabrication of Nanosponges

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Snehal M. Shinde
Priti U. More
Smita P. Borkar


Drug delivery systems (DDS) have been the focus of research for a long time in an effort to achieve desired outcomes. A variety of peerless obstacles can currently be overcome with DDS based on nanotechnology. A nanosponge is a type of modern material made up of tiny particles that can only transfer a few nanometers. Low-solubility drug delivery is very efficient with nano-formulations. The effective window for many medications can be widened by increasing their water solubility. Even that they can be used to focus and manage delivery has been asserted. A variety of formulations, including nanosponges, was combined to produce the ideal DDS. Analysts have examined into them and discovered that they have beneficial effects and can increase the stability of drugs that aren't very water-soluble. Drug delivery nanosponges can be identified by their features, preparation, contributing factors, and applications. Based on research papers about nanosponges, the article was written. A factorial design was used to gather information on nanosponges drug delivery devices from the past decade. According to study writers, factor design is crucial for maximizing drug dosage forms.

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Shinde, S. M. ., More, P. U. ., & Borkar, S. P. . (2023). An Outlook for a Unique Strategy: Design and Expediting the Fabrication of Nanosponges. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 1733–1746. Retrieved from


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