Structural Changes in the Prostate of Old Rats with Chronic Alcoholism

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Radjabov Akhtam Boltaevich


Morphological and structural alterations in the prostate of aged rats due to prolonged drinking are discussed in this article. 18-month-old animals show moderate lymphocytic infiltration without tissue damage and lymphoid nodular development along with other modifications such as proliferative changes in the epithelium of the secretory sections, the detection of nodules inside the acini, and congestive, vascular abnormalities. As chronic alcoholism progresses in animals, the glandular parenchyma of the affected organs shrinks, lymphocytic infiltration causes tissue damage, and lymphoid nodules appear. As shown in the experiment, papillary structures develop and expand as a result of involutive changes including flattening of the acinar epithelium, reduction in the size of the acinus, and suppression of secretory activity.

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Radjabov Akhtam Boltaevich. (2023). Structural Changes in the Prostate of Old Rats with Chronic Alcoholism. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(2), 1757–1764. Retrieved from


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