Knowledge and Perception of Patients toward Teeth Whitening Treatment in Salah Aldeen

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Maha Arshed Hamdi
Tiba Badr Saber ALrifaie


Strong tooth discoloration might present a significant aesthetic challenge, If left untreated, this discoloration may lead to psychological and social issues. The earliest attempts to whiten teeth date back longer than a decade and were primarily focused on finding a practical bleaching chemical to paint on stained teeth. Bleaching is regarded as a conservative aesthetic procedure for stained teeth, unlike laminate veneers or maybe all ceramic crowns which require an permanent tooth preparation.

Aim: The purpose of this study was to evaluate patient knowledge and attitudes concerning teeth whitening procedures and how those attitudes affected patients' decisions in Salahaddin city. Subject and methods: The current study, a cross-sectional survey, was conducted among the general population in Tikrit between November 15, 2021, and March 22, 2022

Results: The complete sample of study 303, 77.5% of female had got teeth whitening, while 33.7% of female experienced teeth whitening. 86.7% of those aged 30-35 years, 83.3% of those aged 25-29 years, 55.8% of those aged 20-24 years, 40% of those aged 15-19 years had undergone teeth whitening. 60.7% of patients are happy with their teeth appearance. 58.1% of patients are displeased with their teeth seem because of the color, 24% due to teeth appearance, 10.6% due to size, and 7.3% due to dental decay. 96.4% of patients have heard about teeth whitening. 45.5% of patients have undergone teeth whitening owing to improved esthetic, 27.1% due to tea and coffee.

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