Assessment of the Level of Satisfaction of Radiological Sciences Students with their Clinical Training at Taif Hospitals

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Rania Mohammed Ahmed


Background: In the system connected to the healthcare industry, radiological technology frequently plays a crucial function. The clinical and practical training sessions are deemed to be crucial for helping students build their interpersonal or soft skills in addition to helping them improve their knowledge and abilities related to medical imaging and radiological technology, so this study aims to determine the satisfaction level of Radiological Sciences Department students with clinical training sessions inside Radiology departments at Taif hospitals. Material and method: A questionnaire designed specifically for this study based upon review of the literature to determine the student's satisfaction level during their clinical practice sessions using google form and distributed electronically to all 3rd and 4th years and internship students and distributed in different WhatsApp groups via the internet to collect data for this study. Result: The study was conducted amongst 101 students who were pursuing undergraduate (3rd and 4th academic year) & postgraduate (internship year) from radiological sciences department, college of applied medical sciences at Taif university. Results: Majority of the participants (77%) were from 20 to 23 years age group. (64.4%) were females. The mean age of the sample was 21 years. (93.1%) of the students were satisfied and felt that clinical practice met requirements and was effective. Conclusion: The individual level wise comparison of satisfaction for clinical practice at Radiology departments in Taif hospitals accounted to be satisfied to some extent for majority of the students.

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