Awareness Regarding Medico Legal Aspect Amongst the Emergency Medical Professionals: A Survey

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Dr. Parag Rishipathak
Dr. Shrimathy Vijayaraghavan
Dr. Anand Hinduja



Medical profession is considered to be one of the noblest and pious profession with doctors being entrusted with the highest responsibility towards the patients.With the advancement of science and technology, there have been many breakthroughs in the field of medicine which have significantly improved the quality of life in recent years.There is rising awareness amongst patients too regarding their illness and treatment to be sought and this has resulted in increased number of complaints and litigations against the doctors and healthcare set-ups in developing countries.


To study the awareness regarding Medico Legal Aspect amongst the Emergency Medical Professional


The present cross sectional descriptive study was conducted in May 2022, amongst 300

Emergency Medical Professionals (EMPs) from various parts of India.The respondents were

required to answer in binary (agree/disagree) format.


The study is an attempt to identify the awareness and attitude of the Emergency Medical Professionals with respect to the medico legal issues faced by them. Far greater clarity was found amongst the respondents in items related to record keeping and informed consent.Emergency Medical professionals work in very high stress situations where every minute of delay spells the difference between life and death. In such high pressure situations, it becomes very difficult to decide whether one should wait for consent or move on with the lifesaving procedure. So it is very important that clear set of policies and guidelines are highlighted which will help in tackling such situations in a better way.


The study reassures high level of awareness regarding medico legal aspects, yet topics related to confidentiality need greater sensitization. of patient care, there was lack of clarity with respect to several concepts too.

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