Therapeutic Intervention in a Client Case Scenario

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Enni Pääkkönen


The client family system involved a couple; Jane and Dave. Initially, Jane kept contemplating why anyone would prefer marriage but did not discern specific motivations that make young men and women enter marriages. She had experienced her parent’s divorce during her childhood. As such, she had put the idea of marriage off her life. Even after being with Dave for five years, she did not acknowledge the point of altering a laid-back dynamic that she had committed to and maintained for a significant period. She wondered whether Dave felt the same.Their relationship had emerged out of two fulfilling and very busy lifestyles. Some of the activities into which they engaged included family activities, traveling, connecting and having fun with friends, and juggling hobbies. By the time they decided to stay together, their central motivation was that the decision would add stability to their relationship and that they would spend more time together. They also felt that the decision to stay together would enable them to determine common preferences while transforming any issues of divergence into opportunities for improvement and strengthening their bond.

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