Needs of Labor and Delivery Nurses Caring for Women Undergoing Pregnancy Termination

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Thomas Ssebunya


The research wished to investigate the psychological, educational, and the administrative needs of the nurses taking care of the expectant women that lose their pregnancy in the healthcare institutions. The study employs significant and reliable materials to derive the study questions. The information that has been used indicates that the families that are undergoing pregnancy termination require a complicated type of healthcare. The study notes that the nurses working in those units are overwhelmed by the complex care required, understaffing, and the expectations of the patients. The nursing education provided in the healthcare does not include the special skills needed to offer medical and moral support to the mothers that have lost their pregnancy. The method chosen for the study was a qualitative descriptive test. The test was appropriate in investigating the underlying factors challenging the nurses in offering quality healthcare services to the patients. The study employed a method that has been successfully employed in the healthcare sector to establish perceptions of the healthcare workers and determine effective methods for treatment and prevention of diseases and conditions.

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