Traditional and Herbal Malaria Treatment in Africa: An Ethnobotanical Analysis

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Nikesh V. V.
Eswar Gupta Maddi


Most people in developing countries rely on traditional medicines, but their use varies by location. The current investigation set out to learn more about previously used herbal remedies for malaria. Different parts of the plant, their common names and morphology, the methods used to prepare and administer them, the dosage, and the duration of treatment were all documented. A survey of traditional healers' usage of herbal remedies for malaria has been conducted for ethnopharmacological research. It has been determined that traditional healers use antimalarial medicines derived from either a single plant preparation or a mixture of plant preparations. Recent findings from various studies on the ethnobotanical methods used, the plants used, the extraction procedure, and the necessary precautions when taking herbal medicines are compiled in the present paper.

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V. V., N., & Gupta Maddi, E. (2023). Traditional and Herbal Malaria Treatment in Africa: An Ethnobotanical Analysis. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 117–122. Retrieved from


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