Role of Modern Pharmacy Management System in the Health Sector

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Veena Grace Carmel
Kavitha A. N.
V. Sravana Kumar


Pharmacy management systems have become a necessary component of providing efficient and safe health care in pharmacies, which are a critical element of the health segment. Despite advancements in the systems, numerous issues with optimal utilisation, interoperability, and data sharing might arise. The difficulties faced can be attributed to a variety of variables, including technology, the end user, regulation, and organisational constraints. The various aspects of pharmacy management systems are discussed. Although there are some deficiencies in the use of the pharmacy management system it is still a vital component in the pharmacy services. 

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Carmel, V. G. ., A. N., K. ., & Kumar, V. S. . (2023). Role of Modern Pharmacy Management System in the Health Sector. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 163–169. Retrieved from


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