Joint Hypermobility Syndrome – Travails of A Young Boy

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Nalabothu Sreelatha
Shanmuganandhan Krishnan
P. Sanjeevi Krishnan
Naveen Kumar M.


Hypermobility of joints was earlier considered a mild or trivial condition but recently it is reported to be a hereditary connective tissue disorder with multisystem involvement and serious morbidities. This condition can cause widespread chronic pain, dysmotility of the gastrointestinal tract, anxiety, etc. We have discussed a case of hypermobility syndrome. A normal male child, aged 25, with complaints of joint pain for 3 months. We have discussed the clinical features and management of the entity. In our case, the Beighton score was 6/9. The symptoms of arthralgia involving multiple joints (>4) were present for more than 3 months duration. To make a diagnosis of joint hypermobility syndrome our patient had two major criteria. Among the general population, approximately 3% are believed to be having joint hypermobility but due to lack of awareness, many cases are being missed and diagnosis is being delayed.

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