“Immediate Effect of Dry Needling Vs Percussor in the Treatment of Trigger Point in Trapezius Muscle”

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Maithili Deshpande
Soumik Basu
Tushar J. Palekar
Pramod Palekar


Objectives: 1) 1) To investigate the immediate impact of dry needling on pain at the location of the trapezius muscle trigger point. 2) To examine the immediate impact of the Percussor on pain at the location of the trapezius muscle's trigger point. 3) To contrast the immediate effects of Percussor and Dry Needling on pain at the location of the trapezius muscle's trigger point. 

Methods: Using a chit approach and simple random sample, patients with myofascial trigger points in the trapezius muscle were divided into two groups, A and B. Twenty patients in GROUP A received dry needling treatments, and twenty patients in GROUP B received percussor treatments. The individuals were evaluated before and after treatment in ultrasonography, where measurements of the active trigger point's size and muscle width were taken. Both groups got therapy for 10 minutes. Prior to treatment, patients received a vitamin C tablet (Celin 500mg). Both the Pressure Algometer and the NPRS were used to evaluate pain. 

Result: In both groups, the local effects of the needling caused the size of the trigger point, which showed up as a hypoechoic area on Ultra Sonography, and muscle width to grow right away after treatment. Clinically, individuals in the Percussor Group reported feeling heavy right after treatment, but those in the Dry Needling Group reported feeling better overall. Pain immediately diminishes, as indicated by the pressure algometer. 

Conclusion: Both dry needling and percussor are effective at reducing pain, according to statistics, but percussor performs worse clinically in terms of pain depletion and increasing functional independence. 

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Deshpande, M. ., Basu, S. ., Palekar, T. J. ., & Palekar, P. . (2023). “Immediate Effect of Dry Needling Vs Percussor in the Treatment of Trigger Point in Trapezius Muscle”. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 227–238. Retrieved from https://www.jclmm.com/index.php/journal/article/view/316


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