Assessment of Association of Screen Time, Quality of Sleep and Dry Eye

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V. H. Karambelkar
B. S. Joshi
Jindalben Kavadiya


Background: Amongst computer workers, the occurrence of computer vision syndrome is greater than fifty percent. The proliferation of websites as well as social networks has persuaded young people to spend more time in front of computers or digital devices. The present study was conducted to assess association of screen time, quality of sleep and dry eye.

Materials & Methods: 140 subjects of both genders were selected. A pre‑structured questionnaire was used to gather data regarding the occurrence of dry eye as well as sleep quality. A ten‑item Mini Sleep Questionnaire was used to assess sleep quality as well as standard patient evaluation of eye dryness dry eye scale had been used to evaluate the occurrence of dry eye.

Results: Out of 140 subjects, males were 55 and females were 85. There was a strong link between dry eye with everyday screen time spent as well as sleep quality.

Conclusion: Dry eye as well as sleep quality are important global health conditions, and combined with longer screen time, might pose a challenge in the present era.

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Karambelkar, V. H. ., Joshi, B. S. ., & Kavadiya, J. . (2023). Assessment of Association of Screen Time, Quality of Sleep and Dry Eye. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 503–507. Retrieved from


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