Conceptual Contours of Human Rights and Reproductive Freedom of Women in India

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Pratibha Vijay
Uma Shanker Sharma


The topicality of the subject, its scope and its importance were solid reasons to put this on paper - Reproductive Rights and Women's Health: a whole new perspective. For this reason, the broad outlines of the subject are based on the social and legal situation of women, especially in the Republic of India. The stereotypical position of women and thus the dynamic dimension of women's struggle for their rights at the time made this subject very fascinating. it is even very useful because reproductive law is at the heart of women's rights and their freedom. Emancipation of women is not complete without assuring the reproductive rights. Once women have control over their body they can use all other rights. Women will be physically and mentally free when they are ready to take the call about their bodies themselves.  Women's human rights are often non-hereditary, but they will exercise their right to procreation.

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Pratibha Vijay, & Uma Shanker Sharma. (2023). Conceptual Contours of Human Rights and Reproductive Freedom of Women in India . Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 594–600. Retrieved from


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