Comparison of Cosmetic Outcome of Various Suture Materials in Extra-Oral Maxillofacial Incisions - A Randomized Controlled Study

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Raparthy Bhuvana chandra
Kathiravan Selvarasu
Vivek D Menon


Introduction: The goal of surgical procedures on the skin and soft tissues is to return the skin as close to normal as possible. Sutures applied in the maxillofacial surgery behave as per the quality of the dental tissues present, the existence of saliva, and specified microbiota.  Materials and Methods: In the present study included thirty participants with clinical and radiographic diagnosis of facial fractures, bone pathologies, facial lacerations, abrasions who require procedures like open reduction and internal fixation, maxillectomy or simple closure of the wound. Modified hollender wound cosmesis scale was used for comparison. The chi square test is conducted to determine the association involved between difference between groups and within groups respectively and significance of the association was held at p<0.05.  Results:  comparison about modified Hollander wound cosmesis scales between two groups at each interval. Wound index score between two groups at baseline showed non-significant difference; however, there was a presence of a noticeable difference in the wound healing index between 2 groups after 1 week and after 1 month. Conclusion: From our study we conclude that, there was some very noticable differences in wound cosmetic based index between 2 groups after 1 week and after 1 month.

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Raparthy Bhuvana chandra, Kathiravan Selvarasu, & Vivek D Menon. (2023). Comparison of Cosmetic Outcome of Various Suture Materials in Extra-Oral Maxillofacial Incisions - A Randomized Controlled Study. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 709–714. Retrieved from


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