Tooth-in-Eye: A Consanguineous Relation

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Saiba Khan
Sandeep Kumar MDS
Rajnish Aggarwal MDS
Ijaz Bhat
Japjee Uppal
M Jagruthi
U Vinutna.


“The window of the soul is our eye and the window of the eye is cornea”. Extremely less is known in the field of ophthalmology about the role of periodontium. The patients suffering from end-stage corneal blindness, who are not advised for penetrating keratoplasty, the treatment of choice in such condition is Osteo-Odonto KeratoProsthesis (OOKP). This prosthesis has a autologous tooth root-alveolar bone lamina complex and graft of buccal mucosa to hold the plastic optical cylinder which will further help in the light to pass through. In this article we will be learning  about Osteo-Odonto KeratoProsthesis (OOKP) in detail.

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Saiba Khan, Sandeep Kumar MDS, Rajnish Aggarwal MDS, Ijaz Bhat, Japjee Uppal, M Jagruthi, & U Vinutna. (2023). Tooth-in-Eye: A Consanguineous Relation. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 742–749. Retrieved from


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