Donor-Recipient Matching in Bipartite Graph Using Enhanced DRMLT Algorithm for Liver Transplantation

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M. Usha Devi
A. Marimuthu
N. Thenmozhi
S. Santhana Megala


The matching preference for the liver transplanatation is taken from MELD Score which is more important between D-R(Donor to Recipient) using bipartite graph .In order to support the medical system or to help for the chronic failure. The characteristics of both donor to recipient features or parameters plays an important role.The final stage of the liver patient is chronic failure then necessity of the liver transplantation.The prediction of donor-recipient matching and the method is correlation to identifies exact donor- recipient matching. The correlation techniques shows the complete analysis of D-R matching for liver transplantation. To predict the long term survival of liver patients after liver transplanation based on the Donor-Recipient matching using the Bipartite graph method. To propose an efficient algorithm to collect the number of matching with minimum computation using DRMLT algorithm.

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Devi, M. U. ., Marimuthu, A. ., Thenmozhi, N. ., & Megala, S. S. . (2023). Donor-Recipient Matching in Bipartite Graph Using Enhanced DRMLT Algorithm for Liver Transplantation. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 831–836. Retrieved from


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