Post Fever Retinal Inflammatory Disease – A Case series

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Hari Vignesh S.
A. C. Aparna


Post fever retinal inflammation is a clinical condition that results due to a variety of infectious agents that cause fever followed by retinal inflammation. The retinal inflammation is typically noticed 2-4 weeks following a febrile illness (1). The diagnosis is based on clinical examination but etiological diagnosis is made based on systemic hematological tests or by microbiological examination of ocular fluids. Early recognition of the condition and proper treatment will help in preventing permanent visual loss in these patients. We report four cases of post fever retinal inflammation who presented with retinitis and retinal vasculitis who responded well to treatment.

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Vignesh S., H. ., & Aparna , A. C. . (2023). Post Fever Retinal Inflammatory Disease – A Case series. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 878–883. Retrieved from


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