Study on the Screening of Omnicidal Pollution Effect in North Bihar

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Subhra Sucharita Sahoo
Rajesh Kumar Thakur
Shailza Verma
Jyoti Mishra
S. R. Kumar


Pollution is an undesirable change in the physics chemical or biological properties of air, water and land causing harmful effects on our life.In the present investigation, the residual values of some selected omnicides in crops have been evaluated and to monitor the alarming situation. The gross residual accumulation of omnicides in the soil has been assessed. The use of omnicides become essential for small holding farmers. Under the area of our investigation. Farming is in common practice which makes frequent and essential application of omnicides on crops. Adverse effects on living beings, have been observed, which are based on these crops.

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Sahoo, S. S. ., Thakur, R. K. ., Verma, S. ., Mishra, J. ., Priyanka, & Kumar, S. R. . (2023). Study on the Screening of Omnicidal Pollution Effect in North Bihar. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 1276–1279. Retrieved from


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