Investigative Nexus of Depression-Anxiety Disorder in Pakistan Pre and Post-pandemic COVID-19: Coro-Nomic Analysis

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Muhammad Ali
Abdoulrahman Aljounaidi
Roy Rillera Marzo
Al-Harath Ateik
Mochammad Fahlevi
Abdul Rahim Ridzuan
Mohammed Aljuaid
Muhammad Waqas


Background: Depression and Anxiety disorder is a global health problem, In each country has a different number of patients due to COVID-19. COVID-19  tottered the entire world and started more aggravation and lingering on with devastated perspective economic smite started in many countries, economies tumble down because of COVID-19 in such circumstances people start suffering from the Depression-Anxiety disorder.                                                                                                             Aims:The study objective is to investigate the staggering rate of depression and anxiety disorder in Pakistan before and after COVID-19 and compare the symptoms of COVID-19's Impacts on triggering the rate of Depression-Anxiety disorder.

Methods: We use the statistical descriptive method and Coronomic analysis for income relation with Anxiety-Depression disorder, further we applied multiple regression analysis to support the results and analyze the three parameters as samples to support the results β0,β1, and  β2  we used p-value  P>0.9 for the present research survey.

Results: The overall prevalence rate of Depression-Anxiety increased due to the COVID-19 lockdown and started financial and economic suffering, the overall prevalence rate according to the present research was 43% this rate may be increased if include more population with accurate information and way of methods.                             

Conclusion:  COVID-19 increase the level of  Anxiety-Depression disorder in the general public than before, comparing to the level of Depression-Anxiety exist more in women compare to men, Young population with age 30-50 years are more suffered than other age groups, apart from this COVID-19 also causes many other social issues to arise which also causes of Anxiety-Depression disorder.

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Ali, M. ., Aljounaidi, A. ., Marzo, R. R. ., Ateik, A.-H. ., Fahlevi, M. ., Ridzuan, A. R. ., Aljuaid, M. ., & Waqas, M. . (2023). Investigative Nexus of Depression-Anxiety Disorder in Pakistan Pre and Post-pandemic COVID-19: Coro-Nomic Analysis . Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 1514–1524. Retrieved from


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