GIT Complications after Open Heart Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Study

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Mohamed Abdelhalim Elfagieh


Background: There was not observational studies have reported correlations between GIT Complications after Open heart surgery. This meta-analysis was performed to investigate whether there is a correlation between GIT complications and Open-heart surgery.

Methods: Literature searches were performed in PubMed, Google, and the Cochrane Library from period August, 15, 2022 to October, 20, 2022. Studies that investigated the correlations between any GIT complications and Open-heart surgery were included. The pooled Odds ratio (ROs) with 95% confidence interval (CI) for GIT complications after open heart surgery was calculated by using RevMan 5.4.5.

Results: The eleven RCTs comprising 215,615 patients were included. Mainly types of GIT complications after open heart surgery in the studies were Isolated GIT Bleeding, Hiatus hernia, Jaundice, Dysphagia and paralytic ileus. ORs was 0.00(0.00-0.00); but the most significant GIT Complications after open heart surgery was Hiatus hernia ORs was (1.23 0.78, 1.95). the second significant GIT complications were Jaundice ORs was 0.05 (0.03- 0.08) and Dysphagia ORs was 0.15 (0.08-0.25).

Conclusions: Correlation between GIT Complications and Open-heart surgery.

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