Attachment Retained Tooth Supported Overdenture- A Case Report

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Prajakta Thool
Surbhi Dudhe
Karan Jaiswal
Vaishnavi Mohite
Sharwari Bhatkar
Roshni Taori


Overdentures are removable dentures used to replace missing teeth and cover or rest on one or more remaining natural teeth in the mouth. Preservation of the alveolar ridge is achieved with the treatment modality of overdenture. These overdentures can be either implant supported or tooth supported overdentures. Tooth supported overdentures made with the use of coping and precision attachments provides sensory response with further stability and retention to the dentures. This article presents a case report of tooth supported overdenture retained with Ball attachments over the naturally retained tooth.

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Thool, P. ., Dudhe, S. ., Jaiswal, K. ., Mohite, V. ., Bhatkar, S. ., & Taori, R. . (2023). Attachment Retained Tooth Supported Overdenture- A Case Report. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 1617–1620. Retrieved from


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