Regulatory Innovation in Artificial Intelligence for Accelerated Medication

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Sushma J. Kamble
Prathmesh S. Pawar
Pooja B. Kolse
Girish A. Kashid
Ravindra C. Sutar
Gowtham Menon


This review provides information on the use of artificial intelligence in regulatory innovation for accelerated pharmaceutical marketing. This article contains information on the legal obstacles to pharmaceutical innovation.

In this section, we'll discuss how innovation can reduce this burden while maintaining compliance and safety. There are barriers to innovation in the pharmaceutical sector, despite the fact that it is gaining headway in other regulatory areas. This article demonstrates how innovative and disruptive automation and AI can be used to remove these barriers and handle regulatory difficulties in the pharmaceutical business. A few case studies were also included in the review.

Although expensive and prone to delay, regulatory procedures in the pharmaceutical industry are essential to the safe and effective use of medication. Here, the discuss various regulatory difficulties and provide concrete instances of how artificial intelligence (AI) might improve and expedite these procedures.

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Sushma J. Kamble, Prathmesh S. Pawar, Pooja B. Kolse, Girish A. Kashid, Ravindra C. Sutar, & Gowtham Menon. (2023). Regulatory Innovation in Artificial Intelligence for Accelerated Medication. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 1971–1979. Retrieved from


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