Incidence of Lung Cancer in Smokers Vs Non-Smokers

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Chirag H. Chakravarti
Duddilla Sai Venkata Viswanath
Taniya Sandip Mehta
Sonal Goyal
Ujwal Jain



Depending on the location, the epidemiology of lung cancer varies. Based on histology, incidence in non-smokers and trends among men and women have all seen significant changes globally. There are few lung cancer epidemiological data from India. The third most frequent disease after breast and prostate cancer, lung cancer is the primary reason for cancer-related deaths globally. Tobacco smoke is the main cause of lung cancer, as would be predicted, and as smoking rates have decreased, so too have the rates of lung cancer. Despite an overall decline in lung cancer rates, it has been shown that the prevalence of the disease among non-smokers is rising. 


To know the clinical profile of lung carcinoma in smokers vs non smokers 


For a total of 18 months, this observational cross-sectional study was carried out at DGH, SBKS MI & RC, Vadodara. Lung cancer patients totaling 50 were enrolled in the research. To the greatest extent possible, every patient underwent a clinical examination, a radiological examination, a CT-guided FNAC or fiberoptic bronchoscopy, or both.


In this study, the most common incidence of Lung carcinoma is in smokers (64%). The mean age in smokers is 51-60 (22%) and in non smokers is 41-50 (18%). In this study the males were most common in smokers (62%), and females (20%) were most common in non smokers. The incidence of lung cancer in smokers with previous history of TB is (10%) and in non smokers is (20%). The most common carcinoma is Adenocarcinoma  in both smokers (50%) and non smokers(18%).

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Chirag H. Chakravarti, Duddilla Sai Venkata Viswanath, Taniya Sandip Mehta, Sonal Goyal, & Ujwal Jain. (2023). Incidence of Lung Cancer in Smokers Vs Non-Smokers. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 2009–2016. Retrieved from


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