Nanoheterostructures And Nanoheterojunctions Based on Zno/Znse for Nanomedicine

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Dilnoza Baxtiyorovna Elmurotova
Malika Anvarovna Мussayeva
Gulnoza Saydullayevna Uzoqova
Zilola Maxsudjon qizi Raximberganova
Farxod Quvondiqovich Shakarov
Nodiraxon Saidvoris qizi Yusupova


The high-resistance n-type ZnSe/ZnO:O nanoheterostructure after doping with Te and heat treatment in an oxidizing medium had p-n-nanoheterojunctions due to the generation of Frenkel pairs. This led to the formation of two induced resonant levels Г6v - 5.76 eV and L1,3v - 4.85 eV is also shown in the optical absorption spectra, with the formation of a semiconductor structure and electroluminescence at lmax=600 nm.

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Dilnoza Baxtiyorovna Elmurotova, Malika Anvarovna Мussayeva, Gulnoza Saydullayevna Uzoqova, Zilola Maxsudjon qizi Raximberganova, Farxod Quvondiqovich Shakarov, & Nodiraxon Saidvoris qizi Yusupova. (2023). Nanoheterostructures And Nanoheterojunctions Based on Zno/Znse for Nanomedicine. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 2191–2196. Retrieved from


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