Studying the Hygienic Requirements for the Dietary Recipe Useful for the Elderly Population

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Eshdavlatov Bakhriddin Makhamatkulovich


This study investigated the hygienic requirements for a dietary recipe beneficial for the elderly population. The recipe was chosen based on its nutritional value and ease of preparation. The study included a sensory evaluation of the recipe, and the potential microbial contamination was evaluated after preparing the recipe according to hygienic standards. The results showed that the recipe was well-received by the elderly population and had low microbial contamination when hygienic standards were followed. The study emphasizes the importance of following hygienic requirements in dietary recipe preparation, especially for vulnerable populations such as the elderly. The findings of this study can be used to develop dietary recipes that meet the hygienic requirements for the elderly population.

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Eshdavlatov Bakhriddin Makhamatkulovich. (2023). Studying the Hygienic Requirements for the Dietary Recipe Useful for the Elderly Population. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 2197–2200. Retrieved from


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