Study of Measures to Prevent Kidney Diseases in Adolescents

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Rasulova Nilufar
Aminova Asalya


Kidney diseases have become a major concern among adolescents worldwide. This study aims to investigate the measures that can be taken to prevent kidney diseases in adolescents. A thorough literature review was conducted to collect information about the factors that contribute to the development of kidney diseases in adolescents. The review found that several factors such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, drug abuse, and unhealthy dietary habits can lead to kidney diseases in adolescents. The study concluded that educating adolescents about healthy dietary habits, encouraging physical exercise, and regular medical check-ups can help prevent kidney diseases in adolescents.

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Rasulova Nilufar, & Aminova Asalya. (2023). Study of Measures to Prevent Kidney Diseases in Adolescents. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 2220–2224. Retrieved from


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