An Comparative Analysis of Hybrid Ann With Logistic Regression Approach for Diabetic Prediction

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R. Jeyakanth
S. Chidambaram


Diabetes is one of the most serious illnesses that affects a lot of people. Obesity, inactivity, genetic diabetes, a poor lifestyle, eating unhealthily, high blood pressure, etc. can all add to diabetes mellitus. Patients with diabetes are more prone to illnesses including heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, visual problems, nerve damage, etc. A variety of tests are now routinely used in hospitals to acquire the information required for a diabetes diagnosis, and the diagnosis is then used to determine the appropriate course of treatment. Big data analytics is essential in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry uses huge databases. With the use of big data analytics, it is possible to analyse enormous datasets, unearth concealed information, and discover concealed patterns in order to derive knowledge from the data and accurately foresee outcomes. The current strategy has poor categorization and prediction accuracy. In this project, we identify diabetics using a hybrid machine learning method called Hybrid ANN with a Logistic approach. We were able to attain high accuracy of over 90% with this strategy throughout testing and training.

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R. Jeyakanth, & S. Chidambaram. (2023). An Comparative Analysis of Hybrid Ann With Logistic Regression Approach for Diabetic Prediction. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 2248–2256. Retrieved from


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