Awareness on Mobile Phone Hazards Among Medical and Dental Students - A Cross Sectional Study

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Akshaya. K, L. Leelavathi


Mobile phones are the foremost dominant portal of knowledge and communication technology. A mental impairment resulting from modern technology has come to the attention of scholars, sociologists and psychologists of education on mobile addiction. Mobile addiction and withdrawal from mobile networks may increase depression, anger, irritability, and restlessness which may alter the physiological behavior and may reduce work efficacy. Thus, the aim of the current study is to assess the awareness and knowledge on mobile phone hazards among medical and dental undergraduate students. The study was a cross-sectional questionnaire study. Survey was designed as a questionnaire in English with 2 sections. Section 1 contained demographics and section 2 had questions on various mobile phone hazards, which was answered by 162 medical and 165 dental undergraduate students. All the obtained data were entered on Microsoft excel sheet and analysed using SPSS by IBM. From the statistical analysis, it can be well documented that both medical and dental students are appreciably aware of the hazards of mobile phones. Yet, medical students (38%) are comparatively more aware of all the hazards caused by mobile phones than dental undergraduate students (30.85%). It can be concluded that awareness towards mobile phone hazards such as sleep disturbances, fatigue, memory loss, lack of mental concentration, tendonitis, carcinoma and tachycardia were higher among medical students. While dental students are highly aware of the fact that increased mobile phone use causes deafness than medical students. Attitudes of medical students towards mobile phones causing road traffic accidents were higher and attitude of mobile phones being a reason behind cyber bullying were considerably equal among both medical and dental students.

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