A Relationship between Vitamin D Deficiency and Early-Onset Sepsis in Term Neonates

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Varun Brid


Introduction: Vitamin D, which has also been linked to viral diseases, is essential for the immune system. In addition to its well-known role in bone health, Vit D has been shown to have an impact on the immune system. This researches motive was to investigate the relationship between Vit D insufficiency and "Early-Onset Sepsis (EOS)" among term neonates.

Methods: A case-control study was designed at tertiary facility. 90 term neonates with EOS and 90 controls who were matched for gestational age, birth weight, and sex participated in a case-control research. All subjects had their serum 25(OH)D levels evaluated.

Results: The EOS individuals' mean 25(OH)D level was substantially lower than that of the control subjects when compared to them (p <0.001). A substantially larger proportion of neonates in the EOS participants had Vit D deficiency compared to the control subjects (p <0.001). In the multivariate analysis, Vit D deficiency was found to be independently associated with EOS (p=0.03).

Conclusion: According to this study, Vit D insufficiency raises the incidence of EOS in term newborns. Screening newborns on a routine basis for Vit D insufficiency may enable timely diagnosis and therapy of this modifiable risk factor. Additional research is required to verify these results and examine the potential advantages of Vit D supplementation in the prevention of EOS.

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