Investigation of the Рroрerties of a Comрosition Obtained on the Basis of Mixtures of Рolyvinylchloride and Synthetic Rubber Ethylene Рroрylene Terрoliymer

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Kerem Shixaliyev


The properties of mixtures and vulcanizes of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and ethylene-propylene elastomers (SREPT-40) with functional group polymers have been studied and it appears that the effectiveness of the application of functional group polymers (FQP) is characterized by the improvement of the complex properties of vulcanizes. As shown, among the FQP, the industrial scale production of PVC and the low cost of its use in the purchase of rubber mixtures based on SREPT have been developed. In this regard, new composition mixtures were obtained by replacing the main polymers in rubber mixtures with 5÷30 mass parts of PVC based on SREPT. The physical and mechanical properties of their technological and vulcanizes were studied. Experiments show that the sol-fraction and durability of vulcanization in gasoline, gasoline-benzene (3:1) mixture, and metaxylol decrease with the increase of PVC content. The reduction of the sol-fraction of the vulcanization can be explained by the low swelling of PVC in the above-mentioned solvents. Therefore, the vulcanization based on the SREPT PVC mixture has a higher resistance to oil and gasoline than the vulcanizate based on unmodified SREPT. It is learned that 10 mass. h to SREPT. When PVC is included, the degree of swelling of the vulcanization is reduced by 20% in gasoline, in the mixture of gasoline-benzene (3:1), M-xylene, and ", Avtol" oil, compared to the vulcanization based on SREPT. 30 c.h. and when included, the degree of swelling of the vulcanization decreases by 2.7 times in gasoline, 2.3 times in gasoline-benzene (3:1) mixture, and 3.2 times in "Avtol-10" oil

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Kerem Shixaliyev. (2023). Investigation of the Рroрerties of a Comрosition Obtained on the Basis of Mixtures of Рolyvinylchloride and Synthetic Rubber Ethylene Рroрylene Terрoliymer . Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 2653–2658. Retrieved from


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