Community-Based Mental Health Nursing Intervention for Expectant Mothers: Results on Perceived Stress and Well-Being

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Patange Aparna P.
Mahendra Alate


Because of its relevance to the well-being of both mothers and their offspring, studying maternal mental health is an important area of public health. The study's overarching goal is to design and evaluate an intervention to improve the mental health of pregnant women and their infants via community-based nursing. The present research used a quasi-experimental (non-randomized control group) approach. Psychological and subjective well-being, social well-being, perceived stress, family functioning, and intimate partner violence were all shown to vary significantly between the experimental and control groups.

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Aparna P., P. ., & Alate , M. . (2023). Community-Based Mental Health Nursing Intervention for Expectant Mothers: Results on Perceived Stress and Well-Being. Journal of Coastal Life Medicine, 11(1), 2864–2870. Retrieved from


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