Influence of steam under pressure sterilization on the dimensional stability of implant impressions.

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Gowtham Neppala, Nabeel Ahmed, Dhanraj Ganapathy,


Introduction: Dimensionally stable autoclavable impressions are effective in controlling cross-infection and contamination caused by a patient's saliva and other oral secretions, particularly during these pandemic situations. However, impression disinfection is less effective on pathogens than any type of sterilization because it intends to kill disease-producing microorganisms but not bacterial spores.

Materials and Methods: A prefabricated polystyrene model is selected and Nobel biocare® 4.3x10mm implants are placed, Impression copings are placed a verification jig with floss a patterned resin is done and a custom poly tray light cure sheet is adapted and an impression tray is prepared as an open tray impression The impressions were made using the addition cure polyvinyl siloxane impression materials (AFFINIS, Coltene/Whaledent AG, 9450 Alstalten, Switzerland). A polysiloxane tray adhesive was used from the same manufacturer (Coltene adhesive). The spacer was fabricated with a 2 mm thick modelling wax. A polysiloxane tray adhesive (Coltene/ Whaledent) was applied evenly over the inner surface of the tray and extended approximately 3 mm onto the outer surface of the tray along the periphery. The adhesive was allowed to dry for 15 min before the impression was made. The impressions were made with PVS impression material at the viscosities of the putty super soft and light body. All impressions were made by a single operator.

Results: There was no significant difference in the microscopic values when subjecting the copings and analogues to sterilization. The microscopic values demonstrated the consistency and the accuracy of the various components even after sterilization.

Conclusion: According to the present study, it was found that autoclaving of the implant components (Implant coping and analogues) did not change the accuracy of the impression made

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