Awareness of Avulsed Tooth Management Among Parents Attending A Dental College in Chennai

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J.S Thaslima Nandhini, L. Leelavathi,


Dental avulsion is the complete displacement of a tooth from its socket due to accidental or non-accidental injury. Traumatic injuries to teeth and its supporting structures during childhood are one of the major problems faced by the dentist in day-to-day practice. Most children with dental trauma present late for treatment due to lack of awareness resulting in unfavorable long-term prognosis. The aim of the study is to evaluate the awareness of avulsed tooth management among parents attending Dental Colleges and Hospitals. The present study was questionnaire-based study. Random sampling technique was used in this study to select the sample for this study. The questionnaire containing 10 questions was distributed among 200 parents who participated in the study. The data obtained from questionnaires were tabulated and the statistical analysis was done using software SPSS version. The chi-square test was applied to investigate the association between the results. Total of 200 parents who accompanied their children for receiving dental care for the first time in the Department of Pedodontics in Saveetha Dental College and Hospitals, Chennai, were surveyed to ascertain the knowledge, attitude, and practice of parents regarding emergency management of avulsed teeth. Male respondents of the surveyed group are 72, while female respondents were 128. The results showed that 75.5% had a previous experience about avulsed teeth in children. Nearly, 22% knew about replant re-implantation of the avulsed tooth and regarding the transportation media 46.5% had chosen cotton as a suitable media. This study shows a lack of knowledge regarding transportation media of avulsed teeth and majority of the parents are aware about how to hold the avulsed tooth. This study shows the need for effective communication between dentists and parents for better management of avulsed teeth. Therefore, educational programs are necessary to improve their level of knowledge.

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